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Interviewed by Alex Eruptor

If you love hard rock music then there is a good chance that you already know the work of Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell.  Since first making his mark in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the likes of Hotline, Angel Street, 720, and The Torpedos, Bucket’s CV reads like a ‘who’s who’ of British rock, including albums and tours with Bad Company, Humble Pie, Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden’s ‘Entire Population of Hackney’ and ‘ASAP’ projects, Samson, Phil Hilbourne Band, and the solo work of Spike from the (London) Quireboys.  As if that wasn’t enough, Bucket also found time to write one of Iron Maiden’s best known b-sides ‘Reach Out’ which can be found on the flipside of the Wasted Years single.

Over the last 10 years he has played with The Jones Gang with Kenney Jones (The Faces/The Who), Rick Wills (Foreigner/Bad Company), Robert Hart (Bad Company), Jim Stapely, Josh Phillips (Procul Harum) and performed shows alongside Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Queen’s Roger Taylor and many more.

Ever the journeyman guitar slinger, Bucket has also frequently guested with pals such as The (London) Quireboys, Thunder, Tytan, Mick Ralphs, Joan Ov Arc and just last week Warner E Hodges from Jason & The Scorchers/Dan Baird’s Home Made Sin.

So, it is more than likely that if you are reading this you’ll have something in your music collection that Bucket has been involved with or could be connected to within 6 degrees of separation!

Having released his own solo album a few years ago, ‘Guitars, Beers, & Tears’, Bucket has most recently announced a new project ‘Buckets Rebel Hearts’ (see photo below) with whom he plans to crowd-source a new album ’20 Good Summers’ (see the www.pledgemusic.com/bucketsrebelheart for more info).  

Hearing that the band includes a reunion with former 720/Torpedos drummer and songwriter Paul ‘Taff’ Edwards I was keen to find out more and did a quick Q&A:

Alex: Can you give us any insight into the styles of music and lyrical themes of the material that you are working on with this album? And how will the music compare to any of your previous work? 

Bucket: This album will be very much guitar based.  Writing it with Taff has been a blast, we are both influenced by Springsteen, Georgia Satellites, the Newer Kid Rock stuff so, throw in a bit of AC DC too. Lyrics are important to us both and, although not too specific, about our loves , lives and experiences.

Alex: The previous album ‘Bucket & Co’ was an album including many guests and you revisited some of your own back catalogue, for example, a re-recording of the song ‘Reach Out’ which was an Iron Maiden b-side that you wrote in the mid-80s.  This time around you seem to be going for a ‘band’ approach?  Will there be any guests on it?

Bucket: This is definitely a BAND. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of the last record with all the guests etc. I had a problem trying to tour that record, promoters, radio etc asking will Adrian etc be on the tour? Obviously not as everybody was touring the world with their acts.

Alex: Why did you decide to experiment with the Pledge route this time around?

Bucket: Pledge has worked for some other artists I know....involving music fans through pre-ordering helps build a fanbase, especially for a new act.

Alex: You have your own signature model guitar now.  Are you using them on the new album?

Bucket: Oh yes, I have always loved the P90 style of pickup..huge sounding which will suit this record perfectly.

Alex: The drummer Paul ‘Taff’ Edwards is one of your old pals from the 1980s – you were in the bands 720 and The Torpedos together.  Any plans to resurrect any of that material?

Bucket: Yes, we are gonna re-work 2 songs that were favourites of ours back from those days 'CUSTOMISED CAR' we have a BBC recording of that produced by BUFFIN of MOTT THE HOOPLE & featuring the Q TIPS brass section. Also,' ANIMAL BEAT' from the 720 days

Alex: Any plans to tour? If so, where?    

Bucket: Yes, we would like to tour but also, cherry pick some shows opening for bigger shows with a captive audience as BUCKETS REBEL HEART is a new band.

So there you have it, what are you waiting for? Check out www.pledgemusic.com/bucketsrebelheart to find out more.

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