Friday, March 14, 2014



Muscle Car: Daibutsu Rock N Roll

Damo Musclecar sent me a very pretty cobalt-blue-splatter-on-clear-vinyl 45” for Christmas this year, which was pretty sweet of him, considering I live in Canada and he lives in Australia, so postage must’ve been a bitch.
“I hope you dig its complete disregard for how much it steals from Motorhead,” Damo told me, and, sure enough, there’s a decidedly Kilmisterian influence here. (In great rock and roll, isn’t there always?) Daibutsu Rock N Roll is a pedal-to-the-metal rock ‘n’ roll joyride that made me want to hop on an airplane (2900 species of spiders be damned!) so I could hang out with these dudes, who clearly like to have a good time. On the B-side, the band does justice (and pays homage) to The Replacements in a swinging cover of Bastards of Young.

You can read more about Muscle Car here:
and you can listen to Damo’s sweet Australian accent as he talks music and movies on his podcast/magazine at

Take Muscle Car for a spin (you should probably fasten your seatbelt) and enjoy the ride!   

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