Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Metal: The Music of Satan

A Bill Zebub Production

Relase date: 2011

"There is nothing racist about being proud or proud of your ancestors."
- Grutle Kjellson

One man; one mission. New Jersey native and metal film and magazine editor maniac, Bill Zebub kicks his flick off with a Norseman helmet inside Black Metal's home domain, Norway with a solid, cryptic Black Metal cast that outnumbers and surpasses plaque survivors over causalities. King Diamond, Cronos, Grutle Kjellson, Tom G Warrior, Dani Filth, Abbath and members from Darkthrone, Satyricon, Fintroll, Kreator, Marduk, Immortal and Gorgoroth join the assembly for a retrospective, roundabout ranting, raving review and glance at capsizing the hidden demeanor of Black Metal's origins without the glossy, superficial touch finish of corpse paint and Satanism. From afar Black Metal: 'The Music Of Satan' sounds like a dark theatrical musical starring, Pan the goat and other mythical creatures of a foreign abyss of Black magic metal lands. Turns out, its a HIGH, metal class comedy, and Bill Zebub's talent really pans out from behind the camera, as much as, he toils with controversial beliefs and questions in front of it. His journalism method speaks volumes to an audience of like-minded, B-movie rats within an Indie art rat race. Before Black Metal dissolves into thin frosty air like a talentless flake, Bill Zebub has captured some amazing footage of an era that spent more time bad mouthing the labels, press and controversy than they spent bad mouthing them or each other. What essentially unfolded as four hours of hell on a digital versatile disc, in reality took Bill through of saga of letdown emails, events and circumstances that he avoided weeping too many black tears over. The outcome is effective and quality is above average while it even comes with extras and deleted scenes that promise a hit of nitrous from Black Metal laughing gas splices and outtakes. The storyboard doesn't lose fluidity, and mad props for Bill Zebub for not losing his sanity while exploring the natural highs and lows of bi-polar music and film producing. Today, you will find him still inspiring or conspiring against Christianity and hypocrisy through multi-media outlets without limitation except for those possibly in favor of sodomy. Check out his entire filmography on his own website listed below, and either love or hate him. If any director is ultimately inspired by the depths of other's happiness or depression, they would do better at commercials or videos for chemicals and corporations than producing something of substance from a direct inner interest and influence.

Scenes from Pagan Metal documentary are also thrown into this mix of Black Metal commentary coming from direct stories of members who either lived it, acted out with it or created it. Not a moment of footage went to waste in the interview airtime. Camera mics are even, discretely interlaced and placed in scenes, like a black metal blooper moment not to be missed. Actresses, models and porn stars are welcome along with the total fill and assemble for male and chick film. Some of the finest, Black Metal live performances witnessed in the East Coast can be observed from a flat screen TV with your metal boots propped up on Black Metal TV dinner plate, which consists of spaghetti arteries underneath of a very rare, passionate meat. If you're looking for glitter and glam, look elsewhere! This is a bloody true, grim story of little faith, and just how far it can get you in the featured present and/or afterlife.

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