Monday, July 22, 2013


Turbo Lovers frontman B.J. Lisko wears many hats. Okay, it’s usually just the one, but I’m being metaphorical here. What I mean is that he does a lot of stuff out there in Youngstown, Ohio: he is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Youngstown Pulse, he talked about hat-tricks and right hooks and flagrant fouls as sports editor of The Salem News for a while, he appears occasionally on a really great podcast called Movies About Girls (shameless plug), he reviews records for you right here on Sleazegrinder (another shameless plug), and, most importantly for you, sleazy reader, rocks his hat off in a slew of bands, most recently the Turbo Lovers.

(As an aside, I must confess to not knowing a goddamn thing about Youngstown, Ohio, so I used the magic of the internet to do a little research. The most interesting thing I found was this headline from a link on the town’s official website: “Youngstown's improbable comeback attracting attention and creating jobs.” So things are looking up for Detroit's baby brother, which is kind of too bad, since turmoil and toil generally beget kick-ass rock and roll.)

Speaking of kick-ass rock and roll, Hopelessly Addicted, the fifth full-length Turbo Lovers record, sounds like it crawled, spitting and snarling, straight out of the aforementioned turmoil and toil: nine songs about bad luck, booze, heartache, and the lamentable state of rock 'n' roll, backed by turbo-charged riffs, solid beats, and B.J.’s straining punk rock vocals. Two standouts for me are “No Chance in Hell,” which, unexpectedly, is a strangely hopeful cymbal-crashing, cowbell-clocking ode to keeping on, man, because that’s all any of us can do, and “All I’ve Got,” a sweet love song with a verse full of na-na-na’s (nonsense words will win me over every time). There’s definitely a fighting spirit in these Lovers.
You can check ‘em out live at a scuzzy bar if you ever accidentally find yourself waiting on a car part in Youngstown. Tell B.J. that Holly sent you and maybe he’ll tip his hat at you and buy you a beer. I also recommend that you buy a CD or download it on iTunes or whatever it is you do to listen to good music these days. Riot on, and stay sleazy.
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