Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Eruptors/Culo A Boca: Fuck You Pretty! CD split (self-released 2011)

The Eruptors begin the split with two 2-minute punk songs worthy of a serious moshpit thrashing in "Hearts Burnin'" and "Worst Thing in My Life." I'm talking black eyes, a bloody nose, maybe even a broken arm. You'll be too pumped full of adrenalin to notice while you're in the pit, but the next morning, man, you'll be bruised and bloody. "Set the Controls to Destroy" (file under droning sludgedom) sounds like the boys were hanging out in a dank basement somewhere smoking pot and watching old Godzilla movies on a shitty tv with bad reception. It's only 3 minutes long, but seems infinitely longer somehow. (Must be the drugs.) And "Curse of the Leprechaun" is, I'm pretty sure, an Irish folk song on acid. The Eruptors finish things off with a live version of "One Minute Decision." I don't know where they recorded this, but the crowd is going fucking wild. I imagine spilled beer, pumping fists, good friends and good times.   

Culo A Boca (Spanish for "ass to mouth") hails from the San Francisco Bay area and dubs itself "your favourite vomit party band." I've never been to a vomit party myself, but if it sounds like this, I bet it's a pretty fun time. Like a twisted hybrid punk version of The Rezillos and Aqua (yes, you read that correctly), Culo A Boca songs like "Glory Hole" ("Surrender your culo!" shouts the chorus), "Rocketship," "Blowup Doll Rape Victim," and "I Wanna Puke" tear things up in a terribly amusing dirtbag-rockabilly style. "Dick in the Dirt" is my favourite, a psychobilly ode to giving a handjob/getting fingered in the back row of a horror movie a la my hometown's The Matadors. "Shanghai Switch" closes the record with a little surf guitar and angry punk vocals about drinking whiskey and (I think) leering at underaged girls. It's over so fast it's hard to tell.    

The CD split thing is kind of weird. I think that Fuck You Pretty! would work better on vinyl; the simple act of flipping the record would make the split more cohesive somehow. Still, both bands are a good time, and what is rock and roll about if not a good time? You can pick yourself up a copy from http://www.eruptors.com/.  


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