Monday, February 04, 2013

Voodoo Vegas - "The Rise of Jimmy Silver"

Judging by the cartoonish cover art I was expecting something along the lines of the sleazy n’ greasy Dead Boys-meets-AC/DC buzzsaw garage assault of Electric Frankenstein.  Take a listen though and it becomes apparent that Voodoo Vegas’ have both feet planted firmly in the classic rock camp with little or no punk rock in the mix.  There’s a little bit of early 80s flash, a tad of late 80s LA sleaze metal, and a large helping of rootsy 1970s rock.  Think Marshall plexis turned up to eleven and a lead singer laying down the law on hot chicks, good times, and bad deals. 

Opener ‘King Without A Crown’ is promising, but the band really hit their stride on the next couple of numbers, ‘Bullet’ and ‘No More’, which blend the 70s and 80s influences really well.  The rest of the album follows a similar blueprint but mixes it up enough that Voodoo Vegas never repeat themselves.  There’s some good acoustic moments on here too which give the album a good dynamic.  The weakest moment is probably ‘Mary Jane’, whilst not bad, suffers a little from being a tad too clich├ęd for its own good, and nothing like as cool as Love/Hate’s song of the same title.  Overall though it’s a solid debut and demands to be turned up loud.  Let there be rock!

- Alex Eruptor
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