Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Crunch

Busy Making Noise

Ex-and current members of Diamond Dogs, Sham 69, Lords of The New Church, The Clash, and Cockney Rejects deliver 14 filler-free tracks of unashamed three-minute verse/chorus/verse anthems .  Punchy hooks, crunchy guitars, short-sharp shocks, it’s exactly what you’d hope a band called ‘The Crunch’ would actually sound like. 

There’s always a risk that by putting too many three minute power-nuggets together you end up with a sort of homogenous mass where the whole becomes less interesting than the sum of its parts.  Thankfully The Crunch easily side-step this problem by throwing in a few curveballs here and there to mix things up.  Mostly though, great songwriting and high energy rock n’ roll with hooks is the order of the day.  With debut album material as good as ‘Busy Making Noise’, ‘Down by The Border’ and ‘Gangster Radio’ let’s hope that The Crunch is more than just a one-off experiment. 

- Reviewed by Alex Eruptor

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Michael Toland said...

Glad to know it's out, but how might one find a copy? (When I say copy, I mean an actual physical object, not a download.)

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