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Live Review: Fibbers, York (UK)

Bastrad, now there’s a cool name for a band.  Looking for something to do on a Friday night, my wife and I saw ‘em listed on the gig guide and the description also sounded pretty good.  Further investigation revealed that a) they are a local band, hailing from York, b) they’ve previously opened for a host of rock legends such as LA Guns and The Quireboys, c) tonight was the band’s launch gig for their new opus magnus ‘Riff Propelled Grenade’.

Clad in various classic rock t-shirts (Whitesnake, etc) the band begin proceedings with few audience teasing bars of Survivor’s ‘Eye of The Tiger’, a confident start that grabs the crowd’s attention.   Based upon the next couple of songs though, it was apparent that Bastrad’s original material leans towards the more metallic end of the rock spectrum.  The technical ability was good although some stronger hooks would have made an even greater first impression.

Something that impressed me about Bastrad was that they kept momentum between numbers.  Their talking drummer did a good job of interacting with the crowd whilst the guitarists and frontman tuned up between songs.  This avoided the awkward silences between numbers that happens at some local shows.  In fact the energy levels were kept high throughout and the crowd were suitably entertained.

Around halfway into the set Bastrad introduce the title track from their new EP, ‘Riff Propelled Grenade’ (great title!) and it was at this point when they really hit their stride.  Taking everything into account, the song in particular seems to define their sound (dynamic riffing, guitar hero solo-ing, and several mega-tons of untamed rock power).

For the remainder of the set, Bastrad were joined by guest vocalist Zakk (formerly of York sleaze rockers ‘Kid Ego’, currently fronting York clown-rockers ‘A Jokers Rage’).  The audience respond with a huge roar of approval and the set closes on a high. 

All in all a triumphant home town show for Bastrad and a great showcase for their new EP.  Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/bastradmusic

~ Alex Eruptor

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