Monday, June 10, 2013

The Eruptors: Microwave Massacre

The Eruptors’ 2013 re-issue of 2009’s Japan-only release Microwave Massacre, featuring some old demos, some new demos, and alternative mixes of a couple of songs from Bad Time to be Having a Good Time, has been re-packaged with, according to guitarist Alex Eruptor, “a funky new cover.” (Check it out! Funky, right?)

The record opens with a deceptively gloomy spoken-word intro to “Cannibal Holocaust,” which is as dark and unrelenting as the movie the song takes its name from (“Who are the real cannibals?”), and then barrels out of the gate like one of the four horsemen of the rock ‘n’ roll apocalypse. The first third of the record is comparatively cheery, from rollicking punk rock sing-alongs “Go Faster!” and “Skate Fast! Die Hard!” to frenetic instrumental “Whoregasm.” Things get darker and more political with “One Minute Decision” (“I know the cost you’re paying/I know the prize you’re selling/I just got to find out why”). “Theme From The Eruptors” and “Oh Baby Baby” (my personal favourites) come straight out of the ’81 L.A. hardcore scene. (If the ’81 L.A. hardcore scene actually took place in England 25 years later and was rather more melodic. I like a little melody with my urgency.) The record ends with slow-rocker-jam “Tow the Line” and “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”, a blistering, beer-soaked rock song that would make me want to start a bar-room brawl, if I was the kind of girl who started bar-room brawls. (I’m not.)

Like good sex, Microwave Massacre is sometimes searing, sometimes sloppy, always fun. And over in less than 20 minutes.  

If you don’t live in Japan, you can email for a copy of your very own.

Eruptors! Eruptors! Go! Go! Go!

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