Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hounds Of Hasselvander

"The Ninth Hour"

BloodRock Records 2012

Black Widow

At this point, I had fresh paw prints beneath, beyond and around me, but the moment I fell knee-deep in the epitome of Doom's savage, unknown marsh pit, The Hounds Of Hasselvander's"The Ninth Hour" engulfed me in it. I had searched long, endless, and sleepless hours to only find Joe Hasselvander sleeping lightly on the verge of immortality. How does one soley, sit awaiting with patience, the moment to strike out at the last Doom's Metal Day album quite possibly in our generations and century? He hikes and tramps solely thru desolate, unearthed weed fortresses and doomed, earth ruins in his New England hometown, and US Doom territory without a complaint or worry. Winding down into the first song took as much effort and technology as a mortician's asssitant needs and longs to check for a heartbeat. Long enough to beat every soul into a new casket-caged awakeneing, and ample enough to crop every circle in two using only precise calculated, antique masonry, Sir Joesph "Hound" Hasselvander, renounced 'Godfather Of Doom' has this 62:93 seconds album down for the blood cell count . Many have argued, however, Hasselvander has inaugurably stood to outlive many fainted and tainted Doom Metal bands non-existent along the Doom Metal's dateline. You'll now find him fishing for your doomed remnants using a natural ,raw, eco-friendly, non-jaded electical guitar mass and matter of existence before scaling and schooling it. I refer to Restless Souls  as "recyled" Doom scrap-metal he resurrects Doom with antiquity and diligence using his axe-ridden vocals with an edgy, cathredral-like, Rennaissance underlining to clean, orchestrating guitar riffs amid organs and vital signs  of predominace resulting in significant miffed and stiff attitudes by all surrounding retired Doom Metal veterans, who lay bleeding and wounded on his tearless warpath. Amply and righteously solid, Hasslevander's second Doom Metal solo album doesnt lose a lick of consistencely, along the escavation site of his toiled, unspoiled Doomworks, resembling his Doom Age ancesters of yesterday. His royal crown and throne sits semi-crooked with all the toil and Doom-Folklore and records untold, yet no significant signs of deterioration in his musical talent show any signs of erosion have according to my own carbondated forensics.  As for all who have tresspass on Doom's royal lawns without warrant, Salem blasts everyone's life and forehead a new direction, as Joe Hasselvander admits enough faults and failures, as much as, he can spot any failing faultlines. If you havent bought this album, yet, theres enough time to change your mind, and turn back the 'Hand of Doom' and count on the song, Coming Of The King once and for all to take back the Holy Lands, or at least set it to 'pause' to prevent its happening. As for The Ninth Hour released on Black Widow and Bloodrock Records, and topping all astrological Doom charts to date or record, we can also count on it topping all space, length, time, and capacity measurements along with the Black Hole's inevitable, electromagnetic vortex pull of gravity.







The Smut Of Strutter






Advanced Demonology Podcast episode 6!

This month on the Advanced Demonology Podcast: Maximum Fruit Jams!

Just in time for your springtime bacchanals, Ken/Sleazegrinder and Swilson offer up a four-hour cornucopia of fruit-themed/related tunes, hand-plucked at their ripest to keep your Okkult Rock weekend blow-out raging all night long! It's our juiciest episode yet!

Listen/download HERE! 

And please remember to keep fruit evil! 
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