Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dead Teenager Records

Ten good reasons to shake your blood to Speedealer’s “Bleed” goes as follows: This band has changed more members than I change my panties, as if I wear any. They have pissed off more than plenty with their original, infamous name, REO Speedealer. Loyal Lubbock, Tejas boys are so goddamn loyal they’re even loyal to the ugliest chick fan. Dead Teenager Records wouldn’t allow unworthy rock in their dead teenage wasteland. Speedealer has perfected playing with every band that’s worth a shit and still standing. All twelve songs on “Bleed” were recorded in one take, all in one and half hot n' sweaty Austin day. If Pinkus gets his hands on producing, things are bound to get done sturdy. Southern-blooded, hellhound speed equals me and you both getting rocked, thoroughly! If by now you even need a tenth reason to Bleed, beat it, hippie!

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