Thursday, February 23, 2012


Suggestive Material

DC thunderchuckers Assrockers most definitely have a tongue or two jammed firmly in cheek (ahem), as evidenced by…well, by the fact that they’re called Assrockers. A singer named Bison Roughbottom and songs with titles like “Tonight We Came to Rock” and “All Hell’s Breaking Loose Tonight” also suggest a band up to their tits in Spinal Tap-esque buffoonery, and I dunno about you, but I don’t really need my rock n’ roll to be ‘funny’. Luckily for all of us, the jokes end as soon as the first powerchord kicks in. Once these rock n’roll clowns get on with it, forget it, it’s a bloodbath. The Assrockers sound is steeped in all the classic mustache rock bands – Grand Funk, Heep, Naz – and frizzle-fried in pure-grade AC/DC grease. Tracks like “Never Stop Runnin’”, “Carpe Denim”, and “Contact High” all dole out the shameless arena-rawk thrills with the same balls-out punk energy as brothers-in-rock like Raging Slab, Night After Night, and Bad Wizard. Total headbanger bliss, really, mired only slightly by Bison’s one-note baboon howl. My guess is the best way to get yrself some butt-rock is live and in-person, with all the sweat and tits and revolution in the air, but this is a good way to learn all the songs, so you can scream along the next time they rock the ass out of your town.


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