Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Lorrainas

The Lorrainas
Fast Kitties 
Own Records

'You Can't Find Love In A Peroxide Bottle...'
 - 'Peroxide Suicide'

Ontario's Lorrainas are pure-bred felines for sure, their brash, fast, smart and sassy tuneful punky-pop-a-rama having a dark, sultry sly tempting centre. (And I don't mean the Joan Jett-a like on guitar). As it is their distillation of New York street sleaze and LA sunshine n surf spray soaked Go-Go's / Runaways cutesy, kitschy camp quirks is quite a feast liberally topped off with Ramones-y unrelenting riffs, Thunders cat-scratch licks and Buzzcocks suffocating rough production. And they invite you to come taste too, teasing in 'Love, Sex, Terror' to 'Pour Your Love On Me', all the purring while liable to surprise you with a twist of the dominatrix tail. Kiss-off 'Johnny' is a wryly amusing love note to a Thunders clone, the come here I'm horny 'No Strings Attached' seduces you first with a 'Kids In America' melody and almost blindly lunges for The Dragons 'Needs' (I wanna furrck - Everyone'), appropriately enough. 'Rectified' is a nice, splodgy drowning in the surf instrumental, their own 'Pipeline' of sorts, though perhaps 'Kiss My Ass' and 'Johnny' rule the roost. Closer 'Sticks n Stones' rounds things off with a nursery rhyme style mantra - 'Sticks n Stones might break my bones but - I'll break your heart'. If The Donnas can still have a career doing bubblegum rock'n'roll then these horny heartbreakers should be signed and sealed right in place up beside n' above them.

-Stu Gibson

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