Friday, January 27, 2012

The Cheap Dates

The Cheap Dates
Self-titled EP (2008)

Four tracks and one’s a Joneses cover, which means the Cheap Dates have – bless ‘em – graced us with the gift of brevity. Extra points for that. Anyway, four went-nowheres from Columbus, Ohio, raised on Bomp and Creem, serving up effortlessly out-of-it NY trash rock in the classic Heartbreakers tradition. Teenage Crimewave sticks out as the hit of the set, but it’s not like the other three sound any fucking different. It’s just got the best title. So, yeah. Listen, they’re one of us. Support ‘em. Buy a t-shirt, if they have them. Ply them with booze if they stumble through your town. And don’t stab them in an alley. Unless they deserve it.  Disregard the last few sentences if they broke up already.

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