Friday, July 13, 2012

Earthen Grave- Self Titled

Claude+Elmo Music 2012

What we have here is success to communicate! Chicago strikes again with one badass, lowdown, leather-clad, unorthodox Metal tempo regalia named, Earthen Grave who have their sights set on every alternative media-mixin', DIY channel, ropin' in a Manson Ranch-size circuit of underground cult fans and friends coming out of the classical wood string works. Earthen Grave's future is so bright and explosive, we're all liable to need Russian, WWII gas masks with protective goggles to watch them live this summer. I was one of the lucky few to stream the entire album right around the time they released this blast of fog rock from their frosted-breath of a doom-sized beast of a band, only to awaken every fullmoon, hair-rasising wolfmother veins connected to my barren nether regions. Full of fuzz with little fuss, there's only one little problem with releasing a Doom Metal album this clean., and thats half the busted eardrums of all the stoner crust punks wont even be able to hear it, to know classical Doom if they could afford it.

Bassist, Ron Holzner from Trouble starring in an episode of "Where Are The Veterans Of Doom Metal Stars Now' unites with a female violinist idol, named Rachael Barton Pine, and an ALL-IN-THE-NAME -Of-Doom star lineup ranging from Illinoisy to the fields of Michigan. When six musicians collectively work together on a sound, solar flare-size foundation, it might be advised to stay seated, but if my recollection serves much purpose, that'll be damn, near impossible.

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