Saturday, June 23, 2012

Frantic Flintstones - Freaked Out & Psyched Out

Further abhorrently good-natured tales of the endless fun of the dark slide from the psycho-circus crypts that ring-leader Chuck Harvey's been creeping out n' cracking up from for over a quarter of a century. This second Drunkabilly release finds him gleefully racking up the original Flintstones err, frantic rockabilly, with ever more delightful descriptions of his dietary-affixiated lifestyle, playing up his unhinged persona by several shots, quite relishing his survivor status, not unlike Lemmy or Jason Spaceman, cavorting ceaselessly in celebration around the crossroads of his own physical & mental disintegrationals & degredations with childlike joy. Relocating back to Berlin from Brazil, this doesn't hit as many heights as the ridiculous avalanche of lunatickling that 2009's 'Psycho Samba My Way' revels in. The eternal drug-addled deviancy may become a one trick pony but there's nay denying the knack for the life and the road - yes, chuck, the trip even - where psychobilly stompers twist & twitch among smoky country swingers. Likewise, it may not tick lyrical dexterity or subtlety boxes (find another band & music for that), but it does sort you out a square slab (one being savaged by a circular saw in human form. And a stetson) of rampaging fun. And also something to play next time you hear anyone whinge about over-indulging.
Stu Gibson

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