Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle - Tell It To The People
Voodoo Rhythm

And so we turn, or twist, or downsright slide and swivel spinsomely, to the Roy riders' new album. Not the skronk-strewn melee of that debut (below) but hell, that was 15 searing years ago, so it's no displeasure either that it's a touch calmer if not more considered, but still defiantly touched and not constrained or sedate. Alongside further embellishing their tradition of taking choice covers to uncharted heights (see the filthily shimmering 'Johnny B.Goode' on BECAUSE OF WOMEN') with Furry Lewis's 'casey jones' there's also the catastrophic proof - if it were ever needed - that they're no simplistic Spacemen 3 apists with a sixteenth of weed but no skins, a runaway reverb account and barely a vintage tremelo pedal between 'em (though they seem to share a similar stylistic knack for knitwear judging by the cover of this & Spacemen classic 'THE PERFECT PRESCRIPTION' - incidental twat-ed). Sure, the Spacemen's pulsating drones and driving surges are an intrinsic element of their mesh of noise and enchantment but more than the homage to 'Suicide' of 'i'm allright' is the anguished soundscraping cover of 'will the circle be unbroken' which transcends itself way higher than the Spacemen's version, and possibly many others too, wading deep into purgatory's dark waters Elsewhere, like 'cristina', they can still summon many erstwhile spirits from the gentle, laconical tidal lapping of early JJ Cale to the manic possession of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and voyage around shifting stratospheres but retain in reserve a knack of the unexpected gear-shift to propel us along into shamanic-mantra realm with them.
Stu Gibson

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