Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle - Forgotten Million Sellers
Voodoo Rhythm

Well, if anything was ever gonna get me to commence battle in the decrepit-computer desert and start scrawling again then it was only really ever gonna be the backlog building up from this label, eh? And what better way to trigger things than this reissue of not just the Swiss psych-stewards long-unavailable first full-lenghter, but the labels too - coupled with the delightful boast that it makes 'Jon Spencer sound like Joni Mitchell'. All too tantalising. As us cynical scribblers know all too well, such things are usually ridiculous slurry largely revealing such statements to be the musical equivalent of a particularly un-inventive mollusc.
So, yarse, I'm quite fucking ecstatic to announce it does indeed make the somewhat at times over-rated Blues Explosion sound like a band simpering beneath slaps from irate fish-wives. Open this unassuming garden gate and you're immediately (kind courtesy of one of the best racket screeches of an 'Intro' ever) sucked into a vortex of skewed country-blues (starting their trend of taking old chestnuts on a ride round the Roy's own asteroid belt with 'Train I Ride') casually chucking cows'n'trees every which way into the caterwaul and merry cataclysms they conjure then dismiss to their destruction chambers - shruggingly redefining the meaning of gonzoid - interspersing the rippling drones and rickety reels with snatches of samples, spoken word, erm, insights, screams n' hollers, feedback and chord squalls like earthquakes resembling snippets of Red Crayola's FreeFormFreakouts, all the while hammering it ragged into the red so far your eyes almost leave your head to see what the hell's happening to your ears. A stunning madcap melange that'll make meringue out of your mincemeat.
Stu Gibson

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