Thursday, May 10, 2012

Die Zorros - Future
Voodoo Rhythm

Well, what more can you say, 'cept that the latest release from voodoo's rhythmical lunatic asylum finds Die Zorros sandblasting a monstrously trash-matic mish-mash of kitschy B-Movie organ-grinds pebbledashed with surfy guitars in wide-open wondrous perma wipe-out mode, creating a sort of malfuntioning Kraftwerk elevator music of the kind some future physicist may find careering round Cindy Wilson's head, should she leave that cosmic delight to science. I aren't usually one for plundering the cheat-sheets but the band's own description of Farfisa Organ Fiasko kinda consummately rams the nail right through the collective heads of several shopping arcade's full of customers (a song titled 'Meek The Joe' is rather apt too). Wonder what they give by way of change? Or a receipt. Anyway, wander in, leave your senses (no doubt forever) outside the door and give them over to splendidly zonked covers of 'Black Sabbath', a bad-trip so-good-you'll-be-consuming-Roky Erickson / Julian Cope-quantities- and-needing-more account of 'Paint It Black' and a pointedly short snapshot of 'Nights In White Satin' nestling scumfortably amongst their own bonkers broadcasts from the surf stroll vs garagey-stomp of 'The Shark' and 'Good Bye Baby' to the very much all at, or all over, the sea, jazz of 'Streets Of Baltimore' (definitely NOT the country song it shares a title with - the japers, eh!), then settle back for a comically queasy nightcap/mare to the strains of 'Sailing'. Yes...that one. Maybe not catering for all occasions but certainly cocktail lounge bar music for quack-heads. All seating arrangements unsuitably supplied.
Stu Gibson

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