Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modus Operandi

Frankie Latina Motion Picture

Horizon Movies

Starring Randy Russell, Michael Suttle, Barry Pouterman, Nichole John, Mike Bordacht, & Danny Trejo

Fifteen minutes into this movie, and I'm feeling obscure, foreign, distant, possibly followed, or even stalked. Better yet, its probably just impartial to the storyboard's logistics and consistency of an upcoming director judging from his badass cover. Any moment now, I predict to catch up to the film's main objective and synopsis, aside from an array of abstract, lo budget cinematography, pop culture art splattered and synched aside one boss soundtrack. Twenty two minutes into Modus Operandi and finally some awareness is brought to light. One dodgy, secret agent's sour deal leads to another deal gone terribly awry, and before I can blink an entire circus cast and crew of gangsters and strippers are assasinating each other over two briefcases . Unknowingly, I am swept away on Carribean cruise cinema liner, knowing not where it came from let alone ends. I'm thinking, with the amount of teeny, tiny bathing suits, burnt buns, scantily clad beach bods and cleavage running about, either Frankie Latina has a lot of pretty, pretty folks he calls friends, or I've just checked into the Hotel California equipped with a suana and all-female nudist colony. If one thing is for certain, a majority of this film's budget was used to allure in every valley girl and aspiring actress and model, to strip for a no name director who just made his mark on Hollywood's, sexploitation borderline, underground B-movie sector.

Fittingly, American Movie filmmaker, Mark Bordacht joins in on this 'broadploitation' for his first ever, major big broad budget, co-leading role, as Danny Trejo's sidekick and partner in grime, however, his character is hardly convincing enough of the sexist pig-headed, privately hired, black co-op assassin he plays, simply because of the self-motivational movie making background we already know him from. The film looks like it was some insane fun to make, depending on whether doing dope with a mixed-up seedy scene inside the CIA's drug cartels and hanging loose with Danny Trejo is on your list of award-winning fun to be had.

The Director of Photography went out his way to make an impact with bizarre, sadistic characters with costumes to accent the weird, rampant fetish thoughts that played a major orle in Frankie Latina's vision from the start. The death scenes are doable, Im just not sure if they're entirely believeable 100%. If you can look past a naked middle aged, CIA agent in the beginnning without turning your stomach or channel you will be thoroughly delighted to find this film isnt nearly as action-packed as it is chick-packed. Now we're to the end, and if I had a to desrcibe this movie with accuracy with a gun to my head, I would be one dead, Strutter. For those in love with Super 8 Shorts and 70's Grindhouse mixed with some Blaxploitation, hop on board or jump deck before you even get started. It is of fair certainty, that if this is the first we're seeing of Frankie Latina, it most definetly won't be the last.

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