Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Day Threshold

Three Day Threshold
Lost in Belgium
I Scream Records

So, somewhat inexplicably, Boston twang-pushers Three Day Threshold find themselves with a sizable and fervent clutch of fans in Belgium. New York or Milwaukee would have been easier, but what the fuck, a fan’s a fan, so they pack up their three-legged dogs and moonshine jugs and head east. The result is this lo-fi, hi-octane collection of live cuts from various pissholes in Belgium and Holland, complete with intros sputtered out in foreign tongues. If you are unfamiliar with 3DT’s heartbreak bluegrass, well, it’s pretty simple stuff. This is a band created solely to provide a proper soundtrack for that one night when you puked on your shoes and made out with your step-sister. In front of everyone. And bragged about it for weeks. How do you think that’s gonna sound?

So yeah, imagine that, only recorded through condenser mics on weird nights one million miles from home. They play Folsom City Prison and attempt their signature cowpunk stomper Gone at least three times. And they do a smashing versh of the shuffling Black River Gold that almost had me in greasy drunken tears, even though I haven’t had a drink in decades. Great stuff.

Bonus: buy the CD, and you get a free recipe for Flemish Beer Stew. Haha, what?


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