Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Sleazies

Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap
Pelado Records

Obviously, any band with the gall (balls? whatever) to name themselves “The Sleazies” are all right with me. If I had kids, I betcha that’s what everybody would call ‘em, the Sleazies. Also, these cats are from Providence, a mob-riddled, run-down city that appears to be held together by duct-tape and steam, which I like. Can’t be a Sleazie without comin’ from somewhere sleazy, right? Anyway, after a bitchin’ single or two, the sleazy ones managed to stop snorting anything on the top shelf of their parents’ medicine cabinet long enuff to lay down 11 tracks worth of funny, snotty, kinda-evil punk-junk to really spazz out to, baby. Fans o’ the Dwarves, the Pagans, the Sex Pistols, and lotsa other really cool ‘The’ bands are gonna go nuts with this one, cuz it’s exactly what used to make punk rock so much fun – chemically damaged terminal adolescents playing catchy speed rock and saying ‘fuck’ a lot. Their pogo-frenzy hit from a few months back, “I Wanna Operate on Myself”, cracks this ‘un open like a ripe skull, and it’s all Meatmen-style gross-outs and Generation X headboppin’ teenpunk swagger from there. Highlights? “My Kid Drank Poison”, the most rockin’ ode to accidental infanticide since Alice Cooper’s “Dead Babies” and the savage porno punk of “I Wanna Fuck Your Mom”. Dude, my mom’s like 60, ya know. Guess that’s they they call ‘em the Sleazies.

- Sleaze

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