Monday, January 09, 2012


Boomtown Gems

San Fransicko partying pouters come in compact fun-sized packet that yuss, early seventies camporamic glam in any damn colour you want, darling, and a few yet to be invented. Bypass any notion of the similarities to Bob Geldof’s Rats, though there is slight resemblance to their superb second Tonic For The Troops album, and    never once will you have to pause to reflect on what one tit or tat was nicked from (well, ok not exactly true but you gonna argue with Wooly Bully or Psychotic Reaction) though you can place them proudly in the silkily polka dot n’ paisley pantheon of Brats, Dolls, Ramones, Alice, even The Gun Club and biker fumes. Snarling n sniping this is a swaggering glitterball from gutter to groin that will make you touch your hips and maybe even wish they’d let you.

- Stu Gibson

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