Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jaded Sun

Gypsy Trip
Sian Records

This further crunk of classic rawk excavated from Ireland’s increasingly reinvigorated tradition of boisterous blues snaps at, if not through, the heels of Glyder’s trip through Thin Lizzy’s shires and The Answer’s cliché clawing from Led Zep. A bluesier and, paradoxically, slightly more individual effort, for all the references you can sift through, be it Free, Humble Pie and even Kingdom Come. Sure, there’s bluster n’ fluff a plenty but they do the AC/DC kinda cramp kinda well on Breaking Through, thankyou, and Hey You, Faces bar-ward shuffle to be served by the Quireboys on Can’t Stop but glossy grunge of He Knows Home and ball-shrivelling ballad Crave mire it in meandering MOR. But ‘tis undoubted commercial clout that sees it clogged by singles that almost write their own video scripts that should see them cemented in success, especially stateside and on fields of Euro festivals.

- Stu Gibson
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