Friday, December 16, 2011


Voyage to Nowhere 
Goathorn on Myspace

 This was the best heavy fuckin' metal record I heard in 2002. Canadian doom-demons Goathorn liked to drink and play thrash metal, but doing both at once is what they dug the most. This record is the result of all that angry debauchery, and it sounds like Pentagram playing "Ride the Lightning" with that crazy fucker from NME on bass. The riffs are absolutely relentless, like tattoo needles carving desperate cries for help right into your skull, and it's all so heavy it feels like the floor's going to cave in. Jason Decay's vocals are rife with acidic phlegm, as he spins one tale of cosmic disillusionment after another- no redemption on this voyage, that's for sure-and the rest of the band is equally potent, a power trio in the purest sense. The album's highlights have got to be the title track, with it's Iron Maiden/High on Fire signature riff running headlong into a wall of pure doom that doesn't let up for almost 8 minutes, and the Venom-ous punk metal instrumental closer "Death March", which would impress even Cronos and the boys. "Voyage to Nowhere" is an absolute monster. Don't hesitate to ride this horn.

PS: The band broke up in 2006 and Decay formed the still-running Cauldron in its wake.

- Sleaze
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