Monday, December 05, 2011

Some Girls

Heaven's Pregnant Teens

Here’s what I really liked about this one: I was actually scared to listen to it. When I pushed ‘play’, I had that face on, you know, the one-eyed Popeye stance you take when you can clearly see the baseball that’s gonna smash you in the nose, but it’s coming so fast, you can’t get out of it’s way. The steely resolve of the clearly doomed. After all, Some Girls is comprised of the crème de la crud of the San Diego destructo-punk scene. It’s positively lousy with members of noise art terrorists The Locust and riot-baiting hardcore meathammers American Nightmare, to say nothing of The Plot To Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and Give Up the Ghost, so highly combustible fuck n’ roll is bound to happen. And it does, sorta. As their drummer, Sal Gallegos, so succinctly put it, this ain’t no “cupcake shit”, but it’s really just noisy hardcore riddled with a few diseased sounding artwhore guitars. The first real groove doesn’t kick in until track twelve, “Religion II”, a growly graveyard stomp that brings to mind the lunatic lumberjack death punk of Killdozer; but before and after, it’s just a relentless battering of angry metal-punk with pained screaming tossed over the top. And that’s ok, it’s just not all that SCARY, ya know?

Then again, I’ve never been to one of their shows. I’m sure the pit is fucking terrifying.

- Sleaze

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