Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Pagans

The Blue Album
Smog Veil

A fitting companion piece to Pagans’ vox-ist Mike Hudson’s auto-bio “Diary of a Punk”, The Blue Album finds the Cleveland OG punks on their wheezy second wind, plying their shabby trade at a college gig in Madison, Wisconsin in 1988. The sound is buzzy and the perf is sloppy, but since there’s scant Pagans material to sift through, it’s still worth the 17 or so minutes it takes to listen to it. Contains the classicks “She’s a Cadaver” and “Us and All Our Friends Are So Messed Up.” Also contains a pretty funny band photo, wherein the band looks like hippy versions of their skinny, sneering, 1976 selves.

 - Sleaze
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