Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiger Mountain - Get Along Like a House Fire (2005)

Get Lucky Records

A tasty batch of mellow yellow from ex-Brought Low fuzzking Dean Rispler and his jangle tangle of crackerjack NYC drawl n’ rollers. With two vox-ists on deck (Mike Jackson, Tyler Linane, doing double-duty as the twin axemen), there’s plenty opportunities to lay it on heavy with the soaring 70’s harmonies, and they do not miss their marks, reeling in the choruses like the tousle-haired sons of Sweet and stopping just short of the Bay City Rollers on the woo-hoos. That’s not to say that TM are chewing bubblegum on this ‘un though, as the tuneage they offer is more along the lines of late 70’s Stones – urban, streetwise,  sophisticated, mature.  Dig the lounge-y vibes and confessional croon of “Good Lie Down” or the country-fied inner-city blues of “She’s Played Me Too” for a cuppla prime examples. Still, there’s a definite glitter rock influence bopping around in this House on Fire - closer “Cut the Darlings” flairs out like an elephant bell cuff into full-blown arena-glam,  and “Superintendent #9” is like, the Sladest the Rolling Stones ever got, so choose yr illusion. Overall, this trip to Tiger Mountain is definitely quieter and more introspective then their debut, 2002’s Analog Heads Gone French but hell, we all gotta mature, right? Well, not me, but most of us. Anyway, if Spacehog didn’t completely blow it back there somewhere, this is pretty much what they’d be up to now. Classy stuff.

- Sleazegrinder
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