Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Bones - Straight Flush Ghetto (2009)

Liquor & Poker Records
The fuckin’ Bones, man. Sexy Swedish motherfuckers. “Straight Flush Ghetto” was released in 2009 on German stoner-sleaze label People Like You, but Yank glitter-rawk upstarts Liquor and Poker snatched the US rights, and here it is again, this time with a bonus track (“The Chevy Devils”) and a video for insta-hit “Do You Wanna…”, to make it special. The video won’t play in my car, but I bet it’s bitchin’, and it’s probably got lots of chicks and explosions. As for the Bones’ signature sound, it’s a nearly perfect combo of 50’s Memphis hip shake, tough-as-nails street punk, and Swede nu-sleaze. It’s like 5 different flavors of ice cream in one cone, all of ‘em indescribably delicious, and not the slightest bit nutritious. The songs are so goddamn catchy you’ll think you wrote them yourself during your last week-long vodka binge, and they are infused with enough honest-to-Christ charm that you won’t even mind being so shamelessly manipulated by their earnest, heart-on-their-sleeves lyrics, and their rabble rousing, chant-along choruses. Not a bit. Best bets to keep the all night party rocking are probably the Hanoi Rocks-meets-the gutter punk n’ roll rave-up of “Railroad Track” and the snotty arena-powered pop of “Not a Lovesong”, but hey, this is the American version, baby, so you are totally allowed to pick your own favorites. I dunno from poker, but if a “Straight Flush” is a winning hand, then they have definitely got the name o’ this one right.

- Sleazegrinder 
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