Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mass Cult - This Ain't No Paradise

Mass Cult
This Ain’t No Paradise
Off the Hip

The last time Dan Trolley came stumbling through the door on his way to the bar as Mass Cult Suicide, he was dragging an angry blob of SonicCrampsStoogefuck behind him. Now shorn of both the Suicide and a lot of the noise, and joined by guitarist Yolanda Derose, Trolley puts his sound up on blocks and strips it down on This Ain’t No Paradise, leaving basic riffs and straightforward rhythms to propel his pessimism forward. Trolley tries to find some light in Drive You Home, but his default setting swings between deadpan sarcasm (No. 1, Oh’ Goodtimes) and bitter grumbles (Life at the Top, Deadend Jobs, the title ditty). He almost gets wistful in Feels Like Yesterday and waves his fist a bit in The Talk of the Town, but his gloom is damn near impenetrable. Fortunately the music is peppy enough to keep the energy at midlevel, indicating there’s still an angry heart beating beneath the misery. This ain’t no paradise, but it’s no hell, either.

- Michael Toland
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