Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kretch - Downfall


Kretch has its origins in Yugoslavia, but is based in Melbourne. And no wonder: the quartet’s blistering punk & roll has that Australian dissonance, that Down Under urge to fuck something up until it takes on a culturally specific life of its own. The maniacal look on singer Danny’s face in Downfall’s insert says a lot – over guitarist Shabby’s jagged chord slashes and Adis and Sanjin’s bass/drum throb, he growls, yells, curses and, yes, sings about what a pain in the ass life is when you’ve got nothing and look forward to less. If the shit always flows downhill, Danny and his friends live at the bottom, trying to figure out if they can be bothered to dig their way out of the filth. Here I am/Lost everything I never had, he croons in the uncharacteristically somber C’est Vrai (It’s True). He makes it even plainer in Hi-Fi Blues, growling Why end it so soon/But I said fuck it, and yowling I don’t give a fuck anymore in Downfall, the record’s very first track. Drugs play a major role, of course – not only in the self-explanatory O.D., but in the pregnancy scare Second Opinion. Unsurprisingly, though, Kretch refuses to give up – Shabby and the rhythm section constantly kick against the pricks, no matter how negative Danny goes, and even he finds some surcease, if not exactly solace, in sex (Inside You), political rage (Ignorance) and, of course, rock & roll itself (Four Fingers). Same old story – when life hands you lemons, throw ‘em against a wall and watch ‘em splatter.

- Michael Toland
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