Monday, January 31, 2011

Wino - Adrift

It was in a distant haze, and far from the limelights fade that an accoustic album came to Wino's mind in the winter of '09 in a desert california prison he locked himself outside of for days. Destined to fail or born to lose, he found safety through six strings and a sandy, barren field set with jumked cars and tumbleweeds, thousands of miles away from a home he was forced to leave. Inside the walls and halls of humanitys graves and persecutions' penitentaries, he fingered out songs that rhymed with the time he was undergoing, and reminded him of a past he never fully faced entirely. The strife of life had crossed his comfort zone and hit some homebase strings of songs he constued at a vibrant youthful age. Within  few tracks that will unmentioned,  Wino somewhat struggles with his aging voice to hit the tune his musician heart was searching for.  'Adrift' is of the agony and acheivements Robert Scott Weinrich underwent on the road to and from recovery, on or off the wagon whether it was friend, foe, fan or women that tempted him. "I Don't Care" was written when Weinrich was sixteen and facing legalities similiar to current ones and opens bones out of closets that were blocked from years of memory loss. Now 50 yrs old, Robert Scott Weinrich, at times, looks as if he has to start life all over, and now without the ones he came into life with. He is the most underrated, underground, music cult icon that stands before this generation and to have him wounded is an evident danger sign of the decline in a genre is contributed in paving. Aside from his solo record, 'Punctuated Equilibrium' released and current reunion with Saint Vitus, he has toured overseas with "Adrift' teaching and inviting others to share a stage with him. It takes guts to stand up and face the menacing past that may foreever haunt him, but if there is one thing he hasn't lost, whether it be items or loved ones, his stride is forever endowed as his dignity. Each song is lyrically explicit amid notes strung from the cords of his heart that links him metaphyically to music he produces, mends, bends makes and bleeds internally.

Currently supporting this album alongside Shrinebuilder bandmate, Scott Kelly from Neurosis, we will find Wino adrift, heartbroke and lonely for reasons that are no longer masked from a heartless reality. It's no real surprise that we also learn Weinrich in German means 'The Crying One'. Other tracks, such as, 'Old and Alone" and "Susan" reflect Wino's incentives to compose bluesy songs about hurtful relationships with women that contribute and influence his many songwriting moods. If your ex ol' lady is complete blood-sucking wench and society has blackballed you into a small portion of an abandoned desert, if it's in you release the sorrow instrumentally, you won't even need to buy this album, but inspire a new one.


 "Things which are alike, in nature, grow to look alike."
-quotes from Dead Man

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