Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dropkick Murphys

The State of Massachusetts EP
Cooking Vinyl

I decided to listen to the new Dropkicks EP when I was hungover. Not deathly hungover-there was no danger of vomit-but lazily, lethargically hungover, with a slight dehydration cramp in my right calf. But I'll be damned if rollicking opener "The State of Massachusetts" didn't make me want to grab the almost-empty bottles from the counter, drain the dregs into a glass, slam it all back with a shudder, and then do a slam-dance jig. (I didn't, due mostly to the lethargic nature of the hangover, but I really really wanted to.) "The Thick Skin of Defiance" would have kept me dancing (had I actually been dancing) and "Breakdown" would have had me scrounging around in the back of the fridge, hoping for some leftover beer. And then, mercifully, "Forever" came on, a melancholy-but-hopeful ballad backed by haunting Celtic flutes-the exact sound of my hangover-so I stayed curled up on the couch. Lovely.


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