Monday, December 19, 2011

Dimmu Borgir

World Misanthropy (DVD)
Nuclear Blast 

The second biggest black metal band in the world break the bank on a stunning 3 disc DVD set of their shrieking, industrial strength devil rock, and by the end of this exhausting ode to the spoils of high gloss Satanism, you'll know the boys in black better than their own girlfriends. Disc one takes you deep inside their triumphant "World Misanthropy" tour, and when I say deep, I mean that besides the impeccably choreographed and executed live renditions of wordy caterwauling like "The Blazing Monolith of Defiance" and "Kings of the Carnival Creation", the disc is littered with snippets of goofy rock band on tour hijinks, including a hotel bathroom trashing and plenty of tour bus torture. Maybe it's the swanky coach, or just the luck of the high cheekboned, but Dimmu possess none of the fabled "unrelenting grimness" associated with black metal bands, coming off more as politely mischievous rock and rollers out for a laugh than they do Satan's left hand henchmen. Lack of bloodshed and virgin killing not withstanding, the live clips are massive, towering infernos of haunted fun house excitement, crisply photographed and edited, like an awards show extravaganza from the shores of the river Styx. Disc two is live festival footage, raw and heavy, the third disc is bonus audio tracks from Japanese pressings and elsewhere, and it's all wrapped up in a package that unfolds into an upside down cross, like Danzig with a budget. Since you're going to Hell anyway, you might as well do it with style, sinner.

- Sleaze

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