Monday, December 12, 2011


One for the Road
Arctic Music Group

I never expected to hear any band straddle grunge and death metal in the same career, never mind the same fucking song, but Burner are operating under a whole new set of rules. This Floridian supergroup, littered as it is with ex-death and thrash metal dudes ( Paingod, Monstrosity, Divine Empire) still retain an edge of razor wire extremity to their sound, infusing elements of the more virulent strains of metal- think Obituary- with southern styled hard rock- think COC and Black label Society- for a bracing set of bullgod American death n' roll. Admittedly, the death metal barking that explodes without warning throughout the proceedings is a little jarring, but old habits die hard, and they add an unexpected edge of ferocity to "One For the Road". For the most part though, they lean more in the direction of muddy, sun-baked grooves than they do mosh-pit mayhem, and it's a rebel flag waving roar of booze, fast cars and all night fist fights, with at least one chest thumping classic in the awesomely titled "Five Pills (and a bottle of whiskey)", complete with Zakk Wylde guitar squeals and a "By God, I'm the Man" refrain that rivals Nashville Pussy for dangerous redneck macho thunder. Elsewhere, there's the out-right cock rock of "Whiskey Dick", the Alice in Chains meets Cannibal Corpse (!) death grunge of "Broken", and the gas guzzling outlaw anthem "Rollin' Disaster" to keep you speeding down the highway and howling like an enraged monkey. "One For the Road" is one for the bad asses.

- Sleaze

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