Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Lord Street Sound - Behind the Dumb

The Lord Street Sound
Behind the Dumb
Off the Hip

Insomuch as there’s a big name at all in this Australian side project, it’s Johnny Casino, the singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer who led the great but doomed Asteroid B-612 in the 90s and has carved out an equally cool Steve Earle-meets-MC5 path on his own in the new millennium. With the Lord Street Sound he turns over the lyrics and vocals to one Rodney Todd, AKA Rodney Agar of the Mess Makers, for whatever that’s worth in the Northern hemisphere. On Behind the Dumb, Todd’s droning, processed blare punches through the soul-fueled garage grooves like a nail through particle board, but it’s not an unpleasant dissonance. Quite the contrary – his negative charisma rides grungy pop tunes like Blood From a Stone, The Daily Routine and Solitude Surf like a cowboy on a stallion, barreling down the prairie with bad intent. In other words, rock & roll.

- Michael Toland

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