Friday, July 15, 2011

Le Pecheur - Holy Mountain

Don't know too much about these maniacs. They may or may not be French/Satanists/geniuses, but regardless, I dig where this is going. It's like an homage to Jean Rollin by high school dopers with St Vitus backpatches. Wild. If you're in the band, drop me a line. Let's get crazy.

PS You can download their EP's on Bandcamp.

Le p├ęcheur - Holy mountain from Les images agricoles on Vimeo.

- Ken McIntyre

PS: Anybody with PC skills want to help me switch the domain over to this site? Lemme know. Also, eventually, if I can find some volunteers to help out, I'll port all the Sleazegrinder 2001-2010 stuff over here, including the hundreds of Flash Metal Suicides. I'm just too busy with Movies About Girls these days to do it myself.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Why do I get the feeling a lotta drugs were involved?

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