Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jacobites - 7"

Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth: Jacobites
The Otter Song + Apartment to Compartment 7”

Crediting this 45 to the Jacobites is a bit misleading; while it does feature Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth, it’s on separate tunes. No surprise, of course, given that the British rock ne’er-do-wells could renew their collaboration only through the means of necromancy. But new music from either dude is a rare and precious thing these days, so I feel churlish complaining – especially since both tunes rock. The Otter Song (a working title, never to be changed now) was recorded in 2003 with fellow traveler Joey Skidmore and has that awesome Bob Dylan-fronting-the-Rolling Stones groove of which Sudden had become a master in his final years. Fans of his late-period masterpieces Treasure Island and The Truth Doesn’t Matter will seriously dig it.

Kusworth, for his part, collaborates with Spanish likeminders Los Tupper (on whose most recent record he plays) on Apartment to Compartment, a tune that comes from the repertoire of Dave’s pre-Jacobites band the Ragdolls. Accompanied by a simpatico horn section, Kusworth also taps into the Stones’ long-lost mojo for a catchy killer. Band and mentor sound so good together it makes me hope they work together again the next time Kusworth feels like cutting an album. Sudden may be dead, but in the hands of he and his old pal Kusworth, rock & roll sure as hell ain’t.

- Michael Toland

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