Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backwoods Payback - Momantha

Backwoods Payback
Small Stone

Backwoods Payback is part of the post-Clutch contingent of heavy rockers. Not that the Pennsylvania quartet sounds just like Maryland’s finest, mind you. But, like Neil Fallon and the boys, BP has a shot of punk rock energy running through its 70s stoner riffs, as if the band is more used to slamdancing than head-nodding. (Unsurprising, given leader Mike Cummings’ hardcore background.) Most of Momantha choogles and burns, as Cummings howls over roiling guitar riffs and blasting rhythms – cf. Parting Words and Flight Pony. But the group also takes time for the scorched-earth sludge of Timegrinder and the surprisingly melodic anthem Poncho, just to prove it’s no one-note symphony. As with most bands of this stripe, the record sounds at times as if some power is being kept in reserve, ready to be unleashed on some unsuspecting club audience. But Momantha is still a satisfying chunk of molten rock.

- Michael Toland

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