Friday, June 10, 2011

Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow

Your World of Tomorrow
Small Stone

The cover of Your World of Tomorrow, the second LP from Albany heavyweight champion Ironweed, gives an immediate clue about its contents: brightly wide-eyed citizens with almost painfully beatific smiles on their faces loomed over by an Illuminati pyramid. Ironweed looks out at this wide, weird world in which we live and ain’t sure it likes what it sees – corporations rule, the media caves in to the slightest pressure and the populace keeps its collective head buried so far in its computer screens its brainwaves have come ones and zeros. But fear not – Ironweed is here to kick against the pricks. The band wastes no time with fripperies – instead they distill four decades worth of metal down into a potent, heavy-as-fuck clash of riffs and power chords, like Black Sabbath, Trouble, Judas Priest and Kyuss orgying behind a Marshall stack. Frontdude Jeff Andrews singshrieks about Heavy Crowns, Red Circles and The Lucky Ones, and if specific gripes seem elusive, it’s pretty clear he’s really pissed about the way life moves in the 21st century. But even if you don’t buy into the message, the medium makes perfect sense – check out the amazing And the New Slaves for a lesson on how to engage in earnest protest and still be guilty of assault and battery. The next time you want to raise your fist and your lighter at the same time, Your World of Tomorrow is your soundtrack.

- Michael Toland

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