Friday, May 20, 2011

The Vendettas - Burn

The Vendettas

Dirty rawk from Down Under. It’s a cheap catch-phrase, admittedly, but it’s pretty dead-on. Melbourne quintet the Vendettas don’t screw around here, stripping the burly barroom rock & roll invented by their countrymen AC/DC and Rose Tattoo and refined by the Swedes down even further to no frills/no bullshit riffola and attitude. As is legally required for bands of this stripe, the Vendettas celebrate/critique the rock lifestyle in Come Back For More, Stand Up Man and Chrome Coq, singer Stevie Reds demonstrating an above-average lyrical ability usually not tolerated in this circle. Shot Down, Ain’t So Sweet and the title track focus the band’s anger more generally, but no less effectively. Drawing a line in the metaphorical sand, Reds snarls about What I Want but admits that What I Need (is R’n’R) – and he ain’t talkin’ about a vacation. It’s all about the riffs and the attack, of course, and if the Vendettas’ strike isn’t as lethal as its forebears’ (yet), it’s still gonna leave bruises and skid marks.

- Michael Toland

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