Monday, May 09, 2011

New Keepers of the Water Tower - The Calydonian Hunt

New Keepers of the Water Towers
The Calydonian Hunt

If it’s Sweden, it must be heavy. OK, that’s not fair – not every band that comes out of the frozen Scandinavian north wields power chords, Orange amplifiers and a bong. But Sweden seems to pump out quality hard rock bands with more regularity than any country in the world right now, and New Keepers of the Water Towers, debut album The Calydonian Hunt in hand, is the latest. Axe-slingers Victor Berg and Rasmus Booberg lash away with their hammers and tongs, piling on riffs that sit somewhere between Blue Cheer sludge and NWOBHM hurricane, while Booberg roars about Mankind’s Fall, The Sword in the Stone and the Return of Ziz, whatever that means. It’s nothing you haven’t heard done on a Grand Magus LP, of course, but NKotWT blasts away like it believes no one else has ever married power riffs to a song called Arise, the Serpent. Since enthusiasm and skill count for everything in metal, it’s more than enough to banish the whiff of been-there-done-that staleness that could haunt The Calydonian Hunt and make it recommended to headbangers everywhere.

- Michael Toland

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