Monday, May 16, 2011

The Machine - Drie

The Machine

Drie is a thick slice of heavy psychedelic rock cake from our friends in the Netherlands the Machine. The Dutch know about such things, apparently – despite being redolent of everyone from Blue Cheer to Kyuss to Nebula to Hawkwind, Drie’s scent is savory and fresh, not stale and calcified. Guitarist/singer David Eering tries to channel Josh Homme, Dave Brock and the Bevis Frond all at the same time, splashing circular acid riffs, space-dusted fills and cosmic honey drone all over the place. The rhythm section keeps up with Eering’s wanderings almost casually, with a confidence that comes from long hours locked in the same rehearsal room. The hard-rocking Pyro, the gorgeous Aurora and the massively tripping Tsiolkovsky’s Budget scratch the stoner rock itch with the perfect balance of sweet and salty, leaving you with a satisfied ahhhh. (The 17-minute jam First Unique Prime wears out its welcome, though.) Sounding less derivative than inspired, the Machine works its groove relentlessly and with obvious pleasure.

- Michael Toland

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