Thursday, April 14, 2011

Voodoo Rhythm Records - Records To Ruin Any Party Volume 3 Voodoo Rhythm It's hello again from without doubt the most vibrantly, vivaciously brash & bibulous label in the world, unleashing only the most virulent stains of bestial blues, gut-gouging garage boogie, crapulous country & cantankerous cajun, sinister gypsy jazz & gravestone-toppling gospel & just, y'know, general stir crazy heavy trash onto a world still largely too unaware. But that makes the catch all the tastier, whether gruesome one man blues bands Bob Log III, Urban Junior & John Schooley; eerie backwoods hollers from Dead Brothers, Delaney Davidson or the about unsurpassable Possessed By Paul James, rockabilly villainly of Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers (featuring Billy Childish cohort Sir Bald Diddley); rabidly ribald country & cajun from Zeno Tornado And The Boney Google Brothers & Mama Rosin respectively, or the distorto-deluxe punk boogaloo of Pussywarmers, The Come N' Go & The Guilty Hearts (headed by L.A. cowpunketeers Blood On The Saddle co-founder Hermann Senac), epic psychedelic sea shanties & mantras from Movie Star Junkies & Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle onto the ringmaster - Rvnd Beat-Man solo & the bonkers howl of The Monsters - defies comprehension & convention but defines what should be a roll call of bedraggled genius of the most addled minds of their generation. Stu Gibson

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