Saturday, April 16, 2011

Various - Infamous Instro-Monsters Of Rock'n'Roll El Toro There's gas-guzzling guitars a go-go furnishing frenetic big-finned twang n' N'Awwlins sax hollerin' it's way to the Russki-scalping space-age gumbo all it's own amid piano stampedes on this round up of less obvious cuts & / or B-sides from classic choices (The Champs, The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Link Wray) to obscurities like the long lost & sole singles by both The Fugitives & The Eldrondos plus the first of only two by The Intruders. This Spanish label's releases are consistently high quality so the only drawback here is that having tapped into this pit of street-racing ramrodders, delinquent wildcat crawlers, western serenades & strollers full of both the unbridled rampaging joy & moonshine melancholy of the early R'n'R era to watch your shirts brighten, skirts tighten & your swing somewhat loosen by, it should well have been a set of Texas oil-spurt proportions perhaps a la the Bear Family label. Stu Gibson

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