Friday, April 15, 2011

Tommy Gun - Always True Wolverine
Street punk straiht out Austria's anthemic avenues, this debut doesn't deviate too dramatically from the hand on heart woah-woah-woahing casually strewn around the genre's tuneful boulevards but lyrically & in its full-bore fervour it largely avoids those gaping pitfalls of empty posturing. It's hard to knock the rallying positivity (or the juggernaut rhythms, put to best use on the serrated riff-rattle of Life Long Hated) such tales of struggling against the knock-backs, kicking back & staring detractors down, conjuring defiance in defining yourself & making sense of those little scars life secretes in your psyche with psychotic aplomb - & anybody who's ever carried a song or album round like a best mate or lover can't argue with the line 'This is more than just a song, this is my home where I belong' on Purpose & Decay.

Stu Gibson

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