Sunday, April 03, 2011

Shaun Horton's Del Rio Ramblers - Go Away Hound Dog Raucous This is a rare old treat indeed. An ensemble of some of the finest players of their ilk never mind country, who've backed legends like Billy Lee Riley & Hardrock unter as well as performin in bands such as The Rhythmaires, The Tennessee Trio & The Riverside Trio. The Ramblers exquisitely recreate pure authentic late 40's / early 50's country honky-tonkers, ballad-tokers, cowboy melodramas & hillbilly swing offering their own compositions alongside covers fresh from the range, all recorded with accurate cabin fever detail (incidentally courtesy of Raucous' in-house engineer extraordinaire & Ramblers' steel player Chris Cummings). So, sure, you can expect fiddle, double-bassin', pedal steel (& hats) & songs from the Hank Williams & Ray Price era & style but also be prepared for an emphatic out-of-boots-&-afloat-in-your-hat experience as this truly does belon up there with their hallowed influences. And should be lavished indulently in your record collection. Stu Gibson

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