Sunday, April 03, 2011

Scott Morgan - Scott Morgan Alive NaturalSound Longtime compadre and collaborator with Detroit punk rock collision courses like Stooge Scott Asheton & MC5's Fred Smith's Sonic's Rendezvous Band (it's quite a shiftless list so just type another line into the wideworld Wurlitzer baby), Morgan has been amon the uniquely unsung since barely out of high school hustling his white boy soul 'n' blues band The Rationals. Here he muscles in with a rock-a-soul-a rumpus like some sort of exile on Motown's side streets, mixing covers of The Four Tops, Nina Simone & Bobby Gentry with originals of well-staxed, heavy lidded, early mornin blue-eyed soul into slipstreams full of the grit scraping the back of your knee of his hometown associates. Louche, certainly, but surely no slouch in the celebratory musical stakes while his soulful vocals are slung out with a grace & stylish fervour recalling Steve Marriott & Dion's 70's descent into returning to slender sales with the monumental Born To Be With You album. A colossally unassuming treasure. Stu Gibson

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