Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Mahones - The Black Irish Whiskey Devil / True North Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year as well as having a song (Paint The Town Red - updated & included here) on The Fighter movie soundtrack, this Montreal-based rogues allery return with a blast of pub-ready, bleary-eyed but chest-pumping punked-up Celtic folk fusion & fury that nevertheless keeps it's finger near the finer point of a narrative, without being locked-in to some vaue pastiche of The Pogues. There's hoarse reminisces, coarse drinking blitzes, rousing anti-war sentiments, a welcome interpretation of The Replacements always beguiling Here Comes A Regular (yet another stomp through The Wild Rover may not be the most necessary inclusion but hell, I aren't arguing with 'em) but also some tender-eyed balladry (Girl With Galway Eyes, Whiskey Under The Bridge) to temper the after-effects of accordion & tin-whistle rampages of A Great Night On The Lash, Lord Of The Dirty Hordes or A Pain From Yesterday. Stu Gibson

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