Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs - No Help Coming Transdreamer Already on their fourth release (& getting to almost Fall-figures for the good lady herself) this love n' liquor-fuelled alliance (multi-instrumental maestro Lawyer Dave plays guitar & drums simultaneously) plough the ever fertile terrains of gritty Americana, rickety rockabilly & more, & still come up with something fresh as it is ancient, thanks largely to their idiosyncratic approach to traditional themes of lovelust, death, religion, liquor, guns & ammo. Plaintive cowtrail lamenting, junktown blues & hooch-strewn downhome hoedown boogie echoing along corridors like canyons heavily laden with the footsteps of their musical forbears only aided & abetted by Holly's disembodied though ever-affecting voices, none more than on the hauntingly embroiling River Of Tears. Coupled with there still being the essence of kooky, playful, kitsch-pop melodies as on the alphabetical countdown on Get Out My House or the nursery rhyme reminiscent slide-ladled sing-song country swing of Leave It Alone makes it a well-rounded, as well as oiled & rolling where necessary, affair, full of wit, woe & merriment, however mordant. Though what really makes these albums such enchanting successes is the unique, resonating presence & character they inject into music dug from such overcrowded graveyards. Stu Gibson

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